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Our experienced team can meet you on site to discuss your specific requirements, or you can simply send us along the plans and we can provide a competitive and customised quote for you. Our designs have been certified by an independent engineer for your peace of mind, and all materials comply with the relevant Australian Standards. We also pride ourselves on machining the shade sails in our on-site factory which ensures that we have complete quality control over your project.

Our specialist installation crew will arrive on site to install the shade sails and associated materials necessary to hold the sails. We can work in most circumstances, but prefer to be on site prior to any landscaping or fencing being installed where possible. Ideally we like to have minimum of 1.5mtrs clearance to manoeuver our machinery to the work area, however if this is not possible we can still dig our footings by hand.

We usually have all steel erected in 1-2 days, more if the job is particularly large or complex. We are also equipped to do minor earthworks if this is required.