Central Industries’ project portfolio is widespread and varied and has taken us to locations right across Australia. From Early Learning Centres and After School Care shades projects to large-scale council and commercial shade projects, we can help find the perfect shade sail solution for your project.


Childcare Centres

Central Shade is a recognised specialist in this area, having supplied and installed shade solutions to some of Australia’s largest childcare operators as well as numerous schools and pre-schools across the country.

Parks & Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds are an integral part of every community. To ensure maximum use of these areas, it is essential for local councils to provide safe an adequate shading to protect visitors – both young and old. Our carefully designed shade solutions take into account all necessary factors such as equipment clearances, time of usage, vandalism resistance and also importantly their aesthetic appeal.

Swimming Pools & Aquatic Centres

Perhaps the most obvious place where shade is required – Municipal pools are a high value asset for Local
Government, and shading correctly designed and installed increases the community benefit. We have retractable and removable designs suitable for installation in cyclone prone areas, including motorized units to assist in the dismantling
and erection of sails and structures.

Schools & Universities

As well as looking good, correctly designed and installed shade sails in schools and universities helps to provide a safe outdoor environment for students that encourages learning. We pride ourselves on providing correctly designed and installed shade sail solutions in primary, high schools and universities. Our innovative designs provide students with additional areas for stimulus and learning outside of the classroom.


Road Bridges

Central Civil provides a complete road traffic bridge construction service, from design through to installation and surfacing. We provide both precast concrete and steel bridging solutions, with the capacity to provide a cast-situ solution where a fully precast design is not suited to the project. Bridges are compliant with all applicable road codes, including SM1600, T44 etc.

Pedestrian Bridges

 In addition to road bridges, we specialise in the design and construction of bridges for pedestrian users, and have successfully completed the construction of several foot bridges for several clients, including local councils and governmental bodies such as Local Land Services.

Structural Landscaping

Our large fleet of earth-moving, materials handling and transport equipment and highly skilled team allows us to successfully complete any landscaping project. Our structural landscaping projects have taken us across NSW, resulting in highly functional and aesthetically pleasing open spaces for the community to enjoy.

Walkways, viewing platforms & jetties

 Having completed several projects requring a walkway over various terrains – including wetlands and swamps – Central Civil knows how to build quality walkways and viewing platforms. Our portfolio in this sector includes projects for local councils and the Western Sydney Zoo.

Roadworks & Footpaths

Always an integral part of every community, roadworks and footpaths are areas of civil construction that we excel in. We have been involved in many roadworks projects, including pedestrian islands, guard rails, handrails and signage, as well as having installed many kilometres of footpaths in several NSW postcodes.

Amenities blocks

When amenities are needed in remote locations, you can rely on Central Civil to provide the design, fabrication and installation – no matter how difficult the location may be to access.

Specialist Projects

Have any other Civil construction needs? Central Industries’ wide range of equipment allows us to cater to any client’s potential needs, no matter how specialised they may be. Subsequently, Central Civil has completed several unique projects, including safety fencing, ball nets, the installation of hydraulic powered gates, cricket sightscreens, dust fencing and more.

If you need a specialist project completed and don’t know who to turn to, Contact Us today.