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The majority of Australians enjoy spending time outdoors under the sun – however, more often than not, the harmful effects of the suns rays are disregarded, resulting in Australia having one of the highest skin cancer rates in the world. Central Shade has over twelve years of industry experience in providing the right shade solution to clients right across Australia – from childcare and early learning centres, outdoor playspaces, swimming pools and education providers.


For Schools and Universities

Shading outdoor areas in schools ensures that kids still get their outdoor play time whilst still being protected from any risk of UV-related damage, such as sunburn or heat exhaustion. Areas where shade is highly beneficial can be over eating areas, playspaces, outdoor learning areas and classrooms. 

Shade sails for Zuccoli School, Darwin NT

For Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and playgrounds are an integral part of all communities – to maximise their use and return to the neighbourhood, adequate shade and sun protection must be provided to all users.  Our carefully designed shade solutions take into account all necessary factors such as equipment clearances, time of usage, vandalism resistance and also importantly their aesthetic appeal.

moncrieff park canberra shade sails

For Childcare and Early Education

Spending time outside plays a major role in the growth process for toddlers and children; however it is equally important to ensure that children are protected from harsh UV while playing under the sun. Thus, providing shade for outdoor playspaces in childcare and early education facilities is a critical area of our work.

Young Academics Rouse Hill sails

For Recreation: Pools and Water Parks

Shade over pools and for water parks is essential for user protection, as these facilities are used most often when the sun is at its extreme – and the risks of sun related harm are at their highest.

Bexeley pool shade structures

For Retail & Hospitality

Shading outdoor commercial spaces is a highly beneficial decision – it allows your customers to enjoy the outdoors whilst staying protected. Maximum comfort and minimum risk of sun damage = overall more satisfactory customer experience.

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